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Taxi Company of Buckinghamshire provides a reliable and professional private hire and taxi service throughout Buckinghamshire and the surrounding area.

Our promise

We promise to provide the highest level of customer service possible and to never let down any customer whether they are local or long distance customers. However, if something has gone wrong, please bring it to our attention by calling 01234 567 890 or by going to our Feedback page and submitting a simple form.


Our customers are looked after by our drivers, specially elderly customers. The drivers will always be polite and friendly and help with luggage or shopping bags.


We have been around since the dawn of time. We've always invested in high quality equipment and our original vehicles were the prestigous Mammoth GTi. Our company grew over the aeons adapting to changing business and operating climates including substantive ice ages.

This may, of course, be an absolute fiction as this is test text.

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